TK-1006A 8L

1."間歇"字幕: 間歇計時字幕,計時範圍:01~99分鐘。
  2."潤滑"字幕: 潤滑計時字幕,計時範圍:01~99秒。
  3.計時設定鍵: 按一次本鍵,可設定潤滑計時值,再按一次,可設定間歇計時值。當設定潤滑或間歇計時值時,只有相對之字幕會亮。
  4.5.△▽鍵: 按下兩鍵,供調整新付計時值(持續按住△或▽鍵時,可快速增加或減少計時值。)
  6.給油鍵: 按下此鍵,可強迫邦浦動作。
  7.缺油: 油箱缺油顯示燈,當缺油時立刻停止所有的動作,兩個字幕則顯示計時設定值。
  8.電源: 電源 ON 指示燈。
1. Caption "Intermittent" : Intermittent timing caption, range from:O1~99mins
  2. Caption "Lubricating" : Lubricating timing caption, range from:O1~99secs
  3. Time-setting Key : Press this key one time to set the lubrication timing
And press again to set intermittent timing.
Only the relative caption will be lighted when set
lubrication timing or intermittent timing.
  4.5.△▽ key Press 2 key for adjusting new timing.(lt will increase or decrease rapidly the timing when keep on pressing △ or ▽ key.)
  6. OiI-feed Key : Press this key to force the pump to act
  7. Shortage of oil : Oil-short indicating light of oil box, 2 captions will show the time-setting when it’s short of oil and all action will be stop right away.
  8. Power Power on indicating lamp.

1. 本電動潤滑給油機係以-控制電路設定間歇潤滑,由於微處理器配合週邊電路之驅動顯示,得精確設定潤滑及間歇之工作時間,俾提高機件潤滑之執行效率,且該潤滑及間歇時間可由控制面板上之顯示器及按鈕開關顯示設定,使得工作人員充分掌握潤滑之執行過程。
2. 本電動給油機除油泵本體外所設計隱藏式單一油路,並無其他管路構件浸於集油箱內,遂當集油箱及控制裝置欲進行清洗時,該單純的管路配置的更利於清洗,且由於管路單純,無其他繁複構件交錯,故不虞於工作期間產生震動碰撞,從而得有效降低工作噪音。
3. 本壓力微調閥係設於集油箱外,得徹底改善昔用裝置設定集油箱內造成調整不便之缺點。
1. This electric lubricating oil-feed machine setting lubricating intermittent period with the electric circuit control, due to the display of microprocessor coordinating with the peripheral circuits drive, it must be set precisely the working time of the lubrication & intermittent for raising the excution rate of lubrication & the setting time of lubrication & intermittent can be showed from the telltale of contro face plate & the key switch. this can make the operators know well the excution process of lubrication fully.
2. And except the concealed single oil way designed of this electric oil-feed Machine’s oil-eliminating pump, there haven’t any parts of line piping to be Soaked in the drip box, so, it’s easy to clean drip box & control device, the Simple piping layout should be more favourable to be cleaned, and due to The line piping is simple, no other complicated parts to crisscross, therefore, it'll not happen to vibrate & collide in work period to lower working noise effectively.
3. The pressure micro-regulated valve of this creation is designed to place in the outside of the drip box, so this can improve completely the defect Of adjusting inconveniently in drip boxs inside being set by praciice device.

TYPE TK-1006A TK-1006AE
最大流量 Max.Flow 300cc/min 300cc/min
壓力 Pressure 5~15kg/c㎡ 12~15kg/c㎡
浮球開關 Float Swith
油箱容量 Oil Tank Capacity 4.6L . 8L . 15L
Oil Pipe Pressure Signal
選配 Take Your Choice
Pressure Protection Device
潤滑時間 Lubricating Timing (min) 1-99秒 (sec) 1-99秒 (sec)
間歇時間 Intermittent Timing (min) 1-99分 (min) 1-99分 (min)
Voltage (50/60Hz) Single Phase
110v or 200v 單相 110v or 200v 單
Consumption Power
45W 45W
(E) Pressure Relief Divice
接頭口徑 Joint Dia 4Φ or  6Φ 4Φ or  6Φ
※備註 (Remark) 配合比例式油排使用
Use Proportional Oil Distribution
Use Content Type Oil Distribution